Factory Tour

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Shop for quality. See what you’re getting for your money.

Most mattresses these days are filled with poly foam and plastic. Luxurious fabric can hide inferior construction.

At Sleep Craft, we’ve got nothing to hide.

We want you to see how our mattresses are made, inside and out.

In contrast with what you’ll find elsewhere, each mattress we create is double-sided, constructed using the highest quality material and time-proven techniques.

A mattress from Sleep Craft Mattresses will retain its shape and comfort for a very long time.

We feel confident that once you’ve seen what’s inside each mattress the choice will be clear.

See for yourself why we are so comfortable standing behind our products… and why you’ll feel so comfortable laying down on them!

USA-made inner springs
tour-springs1The core of your Sleep Craft Mattress begins with the highest quality USA-made inner springs.
Presetting the Springs
tour-springs2The inner springs are preset for strength and longevity, a process omitted by some manufacturers, then carefully unbailed at our on-site factory.
tour-springs3The unbailed springs are inspected for correct gauge and quality. The heavier the gauge, the firmer your mattress.
Steel Wires
tour-wires4Steel wires are fastened over the spring coils to prevent dipping and sagging.
Genuine Cotton
tour-cotton5The first layer of cotton is applied over a quality felt pad.  At Sleep Craft Mattress we use genuine cotton (instead of cheap foam) to give your mattress a longer life.
A Second Layer
tour-cotton6Many manufacturers don’t use cotton padding at all.  But at Sleep Craft Mattress, we add a second layer of 100 percent cotton to assure your comfort.
tour-sewing7Ruben expertly sewing the border of your mattress.
Heavy Duty Edge Welt
tour-tapeedge8We apply a tape edge welt around your mattress with heavy-duty nylon thread designed to last a lifetime.
The Finished Product
tour-showroom10Nicole Lavell with the finished product…
Fresh from our factory to our showroom floor!
Out for Delivery
tour-delivery11From our factory direct to your home. At Sleep Craft Mattress, convenience is just another way of increasing your comfort!


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