The Latex Advantage

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bottom_latexThe perfect balance of comfort and support…is engineered into every Latex Mattress Core. Derived from the hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree, latex has natural qualities that simply make it the perfect sleeping material. It dynamically conforms to your every movement throughout the night, so that you are assured optimal orthopedic support in sleeppositionsany sleep position. This unique ability to conform to your body also alleviates areas of high pressure that cause you to toss and turn at night. In addition, latex is mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for those suffering from pulmonary allergies.

Latex naturally adjusts to the contours of your body, providing gentle orthopedic support that maintains proper spinal alignment without restricting capillary blood flow.

Discover for yourself what millions of Europeans already know. In Europe they’ve discovered that the way to achieve a revitalizing sleep is by using a natural bedding material that combines consistent support with a soft feel. That’s why each year, over three million Europeans purchase a mattress made of pure latex. A mattress made with latex will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and support year after year.

Sleep is actually a science, its quality can be measured. By analyzing the physical pressure between the body and mattress, you can determine inconsistent pressure points that inhibit blood circulation. The Ergocheck system is a specially designed measuring pad with 648 individual pressure sensors distributed across the testing surface. As you can see in these Ergocheck test results, the latex mattress distributes pressure more evenly than the most expensive conventional mattress.


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